Winner of 2013 Hind Rattan Award
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Winner of 2013 

Hind Rattan Award

Shri Surya Prakash



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The Vedic Astrology Centre in Brampton, Ontario offers many specialized services to its clients, both of a Professional Astrologer & Psychic to provide answers to your questions.

Stuck?  Looking for a new direction in life?  Life is challenging in so many respects Love, Work, Family.  Perhaps you need to clarify what your intuition or gut is telling you.  Consulting someone who is skilled in psychic & spiritual guidance can help you learn about your situation and what options are available to you.  When you need to be sure, seek a reputable counsellor.


Guidance is offered through Eminent Senior Astrologer Shri Surya Prakash ji who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for over 20 years.

Shri Surya Prakash ji specializes in giving a detailed and accurate reading without needing your date or time of birth.

He will tell you what problems are currently in your life.  He will help you understand the complexities of your love life. Because of his unique skills and knowledge, he is able to give accurate and complete information which will stun you. His other talent is to provide remedies, to help you fix what is needed based on ancient astrology to help make your life better.

Many people seek assistance in tarot cards, palm readings, psychic readings or astrology.  Astrology has withstood the test of time and has proven itself.  Many have experienced the accuracy of these readings for themselves.

Take that first step in moving towards your new life.  Visit the Vedic Astrology Centre in Brampton, Ontario and transform the future from the possible to the inevitable.