Personal Consultation

Money, Education and Career

Who we are and what we do with our lives are intrinsically linked to planetary influences. Choosing the most promising line of work can directly affect the monetary balance one experiences at any given time.

Ask yourself:
  • Is your child in high school and is unsure what to major in, in College or University, so as to achieve the greatest possible success with their educational and career goals?
  • Are you not happy at your job and you would like to know what career choice will make you happy?
  • Would you like to know which career is in fact most compatible with your planets, the one that will bring you the greatest gains and overall happiness?
  • Are you currently unsuccessful in your career or have you reached a point where there is no more room for growth?
  • If you are achieving optimal successful at the present time, do you wonder if it is going to last? (i.e., bankruptcy or unforeseen circumstance can lead to loss of all the assets and job)

Whatever your goals are, regular consultation with a Master Vedic Astrologer, Suraj Malhotra can help forecast educational and career decisions that work to create the most auspicious conditions for ongoing success.

Major Investment Consultation

There are times in a person’s life when decisions need to be made around monetary investments, to secure a future for oneself and their family.

Ask yourself:
  • Are you planning on buying a house, apartment, or property?
  • Are you planning on making an investment?
  • Do you want a new car, a boat, more property, or even a vacation home?

Consultations with a Vedic Astrologer help you with this decision so that your house brings happiness and peace to you and your family, and so your investments are protected. In order to sustain wealth and enjoy the benefits of monetary gains, making sound investments requires ongoing guidance and support. By reading your chart, suggestions are made as to which remedies will help appease planets that are not favourable and to prevent loss of wealth in the future through unforeseen circumstances that only a Master Vedic Astrologer can asses.