Vedic Astrology has great importance in the Vedas. Just as Yoga is important—especially in assessing the spiritual karmic nature behind imbalances in life—the Vedas play a major role in unearthing truths that only a Master Vedic Astrology can access. The reality is that no one person has constant periods of either good or bad luck. The cycles of time touch each person’s life in a unique, highly personalized way

Master Vedic Astrologer, Suraj Malhotra will sit with you and perform a reading, revealing knowledge about your past, your present, and your probable future. He will work to help you understand yourself more wholly as you become aware of what is forecasted in your future, so that you may take proactive measures (i.e., via remedies) to minimize or to accelerate the impacts on your life.

Ultimately, there is no way to change what has already happened in one’s life, so an individual must look to their present and future. Taking action and working to protect oneself can be very favourable, if a person is diligent. But one must do so before something detrimental happens. Support on this journey is what our Master Vedic Astrologer can offer you.


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Personal Consultation                                       Business Consultation                                     Vastu Consultation

Dating and Marriage                                                      Business Health                                                           Vastu Personal
Relationship                                                                     Team Compatability                                                    Vastu Business
Money, Education and Career                                      Office/Plant Location Selection
Health/ Yearly overview                                                Major Investments