Vastu (Feng shui)  Consultation

Energy plays a major role in the inner and outer spaces of a person’s life. From the location of one’s home, to the direction that your Office desk faces, from the way the furniture in your home is situated, to the physical spaces in your business that seem to get cluttered more than others, being aware of how energy is flowing in one’s life is important. Assessing a home before you purchase it, an office space before you sign the lease, or evaluating shifts in monetary assets, relationships, or health are all part of what Vastu helps a person to understand. We are all impacted, so being aware and knowledgeable is what is key.


Home:  Get a site evaluation done prior to buying a house (i.e., assessing the location, direction, interior design, placement of furniture, etc.) so that the energy flow is not blocked, but is favourable created in the physical spaces.

Home Builders: Consultations are vital when site planning so that houses and streets are layed out, bearing in mind the principles outlined in Vastu.

Office/Industrial Buildings: When site planning, evaluating the interior and exterior elements of design have a direct effect on the overall wellbeing of employees and levels of productivity.